Engine Adjustment Procedure


In order to assure a properly adjusted/operating engine, the following procedure has been developed. It attempts to gather information from numerous sources into one comprehensive document. It should be noted here that this document encompasses only one way to perform the various operations. Others based on-favorable experiences, hearsay or from other sources may have been found to be as satisfactory with regards to final results.

It is strongly recommended that each step of this procedure be performed in the order given. Doing just one portion of it will not give the desired results. Remember a mechanical or electrical part wears out and to reuse parts with what may seem to be "some useful life" may result in being stranded on the road somewhere with only somewhat more expensive alternatives to get back home or to your destination.



     Run engine or drive car to get engine to normal operating temperature.


     Remove all plugs and rack in order (1, 2, 3, etc.).

     Check compression in each bore with a reliable compression gauge.

     Note relationship of all readings.