Is your temperature gauge reading a little higher this year??

David Nock
British car Specialists
Stockton CA
A common problem on all cars is that your temperature gauge this year reads a little higher than it did last year. This is a warning sign that something is going to be a problem soon, so it’s best to get a look at it now rather let it be a problem on the side of the road. There are several things that could cause this. First get a thermometer and compare the temperature gauge on the dash with the temperature of the coolant in the radiator by removing the radiator cap and installing a thermometer in the radiator before starting the engine.
If the gauge is correct the radiator is probably partially plugged either with bugs in the fins or with a build-up in the tubes. It is best to remove the radiator approximately every five years and have it cleaned. Then pour in a 50/50 mixture of anti freeze and water. Other problems that may cause an increase in the engine temperature are a loose fan belt, faulty thermostat, ignition timing and carburetor mixtures.

(from Golden Gate Healey Happenings)