Adjusting rear brakes per Rich Chrysler

Completely remove the clevis pins from the rear handbrake rods to the cylinders before adjusting the rear shoes. Adjust the shoes to just basely skim the drums. Then, and only then, reconnect the handbrake linkage and adjust the cable if necessary. This is a common fault of people setting up the rear shoes on Healeys, including licensed mechanics who should know better


Make sure all shoe steady posts have the width of the shoes sitting exactly true to the drums. I.e. the shoe lining isn’t contacting along the inner or outer edges first.


Make sure the shoe radius is arced exactly to that of the drum, with no high or low contact areas, but a nice even contact Make sure pedal free play and travel is set correctly at the pedal push rod.


Make sure all flex hoses are in good condition and are not soft and ballooning


Here is a supplier recommended by many in the restoration trade: Power Brake Exchange in San Jose, CA. rebuilds BJ8 Servos. They normally have BJ8 servos on the shelf ready to ship. Cost is $227.00 to rebuild or exchange your unit. (408) 292-1305.


Another supplier that comes recommended for sleeving master cylinders, wheel cylinder etc. is Sierra Specialty Automotive 3494 Chandler Road, Quincy, CA. 95971. 800 4-BRASS-1, 800 427-2771, 530 283-4845 FAX A Master Cylinder sleeve is $60 and a wheel cylinder sleeve $50.